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1985 Interview by Glenn Salter for Metallic Assault fanzine

Submitted by on July 31, 1985 – 6:03 pm

1985 Interview by Glenn Salter for Metallic Assault fanzine

Long ago, in a faraway country of Europe, a horde of bloodthirsty barbarians called themselves VoiVods. It is said that they destroyed entire villages, impaled the villagery, and then celebrated their victory in the midst of the hectacomb by drinking their victims’ blood.

Jonquiere, November 1982. Away, visionary drummer, unfolds this tale of horror to Blacky and Piggy. VoiVod has just risen from the dead. Snake joins the band two months later. Now VoiVod has the throat to propel its power and energy. Now the people of Morgoth, the land of ice, can’t escape their fate.

Sons of Venom, Slayer, Raven and Motorhead, the musicians create a sound of sheer barbarity, of raw energy. Labeled “Power Metal”, this music is in the arsenal the VoiVods build to vanquish in each and every fight.

On November 9th and 11th, 1983 in Jonquiere and Romouski, VoiVod plays the first part of the Exciter show; at the same time their song “Condemned to the Gallows” is featured on Metal Massacre V, an L.P. bringing together the most promising metal bands of the world.

June 1984, Voivod records “War and Pain”, their first album at the studio Le Torroir in Chicoutimi.

March 1986 Voivod signs to Noise International for a world-wide recording and distribution deal. Their first album for Noise, entitled “Rrroooaaarrr”, is going to be released at the end of April.

Straight from the horse’s mouth

How do you feel about the success of “War and Pain”?
PIGGY: We are all satisfied with the results of “War and Pain”, the results are what we waited for.

Do you consider VOIVOD a black metal band or a power metal band?
PIGGY: I consider VOIVOD as a power metal band. Black metal want to tell you about Satanism and VOIVOD is not a satanic concept, but a lot of people said that we are black metal. Probably cause the Snake’s vocals is mostly compared with VENOM and also the guitar harmonies in minor mode.

Have you ever played outside of Quebec?
PIGGY: We never played outside of Quebec are. We’ll surely do it in ’85.

I’ve heard that VOIVOD might be opening for Slayer, is there any possibility in this happening and what do you think of Slayer’s music?
PIGGY: When Slayer played the Montreal Spectrum last October we had a real crazy time with them after their show and we talked about that. We don’t have news at this time but we all want that and it’s supposed to arrive in ’85…Slayer’s music has a real value for me cause they are all accomplished musicians in their technique and sound. We don’t find many bands tthat have real good musicians in the metal scene.

BLACKY: It’s impossible for me to listen to Slayer’s music without move, scream or shaking. I need this kind of noise. I only like 5 bands in the world and Slayer is one of them who I respect. I love their attitude.

Does each member have a particular fave from “War and Pain”?
PIGGY: “War and Pain”.
BLACKY: “Blower”.
AWAY: “Warriors of Ice”.
SNAKE: “Warriors of Ice”.
M.A.: Besides FATE have VOIVOD opened for any other bands?
BLACKY: We opened 2 times for EXCITER.
M.A.: What do you think of hardcore punk?
PIGGY: I don’t like any hardcore or punk shit!!
BLACKY: If the punk guitarists would want to learn to play more, I would listen to it.
AWAY: I like it a lot. I like G.B.H. and DISCHARGE.
SNAKE: I like it a lot too.

Is there going to be a change from the style of “War and Pain” to “RRROOOAAARRR”?
PIGGY: I don’t see a real change in our new songs but maybe we play better and we make better arrangements. Maybe we’ll be more fast. Anyways “RRROOOAAARRR” will surely be a great speed moment in VOIVOD’s career.

Who are your favorite bands?
PIGGY: Raven – Slayer.
BLACKY: Slayer – Possessed – VOIVOD.
AWAY: Slayer – Bathory – G.B.H.
SNAKE: Raven.

How would you describe a VOIVOD show?
PIGGY: It’s like a nuclear deflagration, so hot, so fast, you don’t realize you’re dead!!!

What are your future tour plans and more importantly when will there be a Toronto gig?
PIGGY: We work on tour and we have some really good people who work on that with us and we’ll surely play Toronto in ’85 and some U.S. gigs too in ’85.

Any last immortal words to pass on to the raging readers of “Metallic Assault”?
AWAY: If you like our “War and Pain” album, you don’t have the choice to like our “RRROOOAAARRR”!!!!!

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