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2012 – Live At Roadburn 2011

Released in 2012 by Roadburn Festival

Michel Langevin: Drums & Percussion
Denis Belanger: Vocals
Jean-Yves Theriault:  Bass
Daniel Mongrain: Guitars

Limited edition of 500 only. Comes in gatefold sleeve.
Initially only sold at the Roadburn Festival 2012.
Side A recorded at Midi Theater, April 15th 2011,
Side B recorded at Main Stage 013, April 16th 2011, Tilburg, Netherlands.
Track B5 originally by Pink Floyd.

Midi Set 2011
The Prow
Ravenous Medicine
Global Warning
013 Main Stage Set 2011
Ripping Headaches
Astronomy Domine


writingaboutmusic.blogspot.com review

This is a limited edition release from Roadburn Records. One side was recorded at the bands performance at the Midi theatre and the B side at the bands performance the next day at Roadburn 2011. I was only at the Midi Theatre performance and the band was really smoking!

The LP starts with the midi show and more recent tracks, where the older songs are mainly on the other side. The Prow is a newer song fast pace song with a cool melodic thread. Ravernous Medicine follows and is really old school. Overreaction is a very intense and fast song with a crazy guitar riff and Experiment as well with a really great guitar solo, totally channelling the Piggy universe. Global Warming continues with another fast paced one but a more melodic side at times. Side B starts with Ripping Headaches from Roarrrrrr. Intense! Nothingface from 1990, I believe was well received and quite a surprise to hear.

Perhaps one of the biggest surprises though was Forlorn from the Phobos record, in which Snake did not even sing on! The final intense track is Voivod from the first album. They start it off with the guitar intro to Nuclear war (also from the first record) but go into voiVod. The band really loves to play Astronomy Domine and played this at all 4 concerts at Roadburn (2010, 2012). Overall, I think the sound production is very dry somehow, it lacks some sort of dynamic, but the band really plays well and kicks ass. Intense stuff…