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Michel Langevin

Drums, Percussion, Accordion, Artwork (1983-Present)

Michel (aka Away) is a founding member of the band and appears in all of Voivod’s albums. Michel has also played and toured with other bands and artists. He is also a member of the project band Kosmos and the band Les Ekorches.  Michel is the brains behind VOIVOD’s conceptual albums and lyrics, which go back to his childhood. He is a fan of science, quantum physics, conspiracy theories, vampires and robotics. Michel also does some 3D computer work and illustration as seen in the Negatron artwork, using Softimage software. His favorite bands and musicians include 70’s progressive rock band Van der Graaf Generator, Bauhaus, Legendary Pink Dots, Nick Drake and Syd Barrett. Michel was born and resides in Quebec, Canada. In 2009, Michel published his illustration book Worlds Away written and published with Martin Popoff.