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PostPosted: Sat Oct 30, 2010 9:28 am    Post subject: VOIVOD – RRRÖÖÖAAARRR!!! Reply with quote


(Noise Records, 1986)

“The name (RRRÖÖÖAAARRR!!!) was really a progression from the first album. The VOIVOD concept on the first album was one of the normal soldier but on this album he became all mechanical and stuff. The name comes from his scream after five or six nuclear wars …” Snake, in an interview with Metal Forces, circa 1986/7.

What’s a nuclear war between friends? Having jumped from Metal Blade to Noise Records in acrimonious circumstances Voivod followed their spunky debut War and Pain with the more industrial ROAR (after, of course, the limited edition Thrashing Rage EP) and it sounds as every bit as monstrous as the crushing death machine on its cover.
Produced by the band and Mike Amstadt in October/November ’85 ROAR, like its predecessor was still very much more punk than metal, and Voivod was still very much part of the underground. It would take album # 3, Killing Technology for them to be considered a true ‘metal’ band per se and for the Canadian quartet to be recognized on a global scale.

Missing from the mix, however, is Blacky’s infamous Blower bass. Apparently the band had some equipment stolen and the charismatic bassist had to purchase a new amp for the recording of this album, which didn’t exactly give the desired results. This was soon remedied later when he promptly sold the new amp and replaced it with an older one.

Yet it didn’t affect the sheer extremity of the album - Korgull the Exterminator rumbles from the wastelands of Morgoth killing all in its path; ‘tis noisy, unapologetic and tumultuous, which sets the tone for the entire album, both sonically and lyrically. Fuck Off and Die is a sneering shout of nihilism, where Slaughter in a Grave hacks, spits and dismembers from beyond the unknown - ‘It’s the story of a soul/that has come for revenge.’ Ripping Headaches, something your humble reviewer suffers most Sunday mornings due to the copious amounts of Guinness consumed the night before – is ferociously accurate. To the Death, perhaps my favourite song on this album, is a riotious call to arms. In fact, all tracks here are aurally boisterous, the equivalent of primitive man bashing rock off exposed skull.

ROAR is by no means an easy listen, and therefore isn’t thought as fondly as their sprightly debut. Nevertheless, in a year (1986) that gave us Master of Puppets, Reign in Blood and Pleasure to Kill to name but a few Voivod was still very much rabid underdogs of a genre already in its prime, and ROAR was a cacophonous reminder of just how underground thrash metal could be.

To the death - tonight we celebrate!


Korgull the Exterminator:

To the Death:
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