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PostPosted: Fri Jun 20, 2008 8:49 am    Post subject: Judas Priest - Nostradamus (2008) Reply with quote

There are two types of Judas Priest fans:

1-The ones who were introduced to the band from the time when they became popular in the US with Screaming for Vengeance in the early 80s Heavy Metal explosion.

2-Fans who are familiar with their 70's hard rock / metal catalog.

So for those who are familiar with Priest's catalog you would know that Nostradamus is basically a stylistic retake of their second album, the masterpiece called "Sad Wings of Destiny," the same album who produced the necessary live Priest staples such as "The Ripper" "Victim of Changes" "Tyrant" and "Genocide"

This album is not Painkiller, so if you are familiar with Priest's catalog, be forewarned that this album resembles their 70s catalog of songs, with updated sound and production, but this doesn't mean the songs don't rock.. to the contrary!!

All i can tell you is that you are a true Priest fan and you enjoy most of their albums from their old to the new, you are going to love Nostradamus very much..

Maybe some of the keyboard orchestral accompaniments sound over the top, but the songs are still heavy and never sound cheesy.
I can only imagine listening to some of these songs being played live!!

I am glad Judas Priest made this album as a nod to their own history, because they are one of the first pioneer metal bands, instead of trying to emulate and sound like every new metalcore / numetal band out there, they have done something very original that doesn't sound like anything in their catalog.

Kudos for Judas Priest for trying something new based on their own sound and song catalog.
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