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(Black Lodge/Relapse)

What is it with Swedes and Autopsy? I’m talking, of course, of the legendary US death metal band which has influenced countless Scandinavians to churn away on their instruments and wallow in sickness. Nicke Anderson, of Nihilist and Entombed fame who went on to form The Hellacopters was one such fan, and in 2006 he returned to death metal with Death Breath, Autopsy-worship in all its gory glory.
There was nothing original or ground-breaking here, but it was nice to see the return of ‘that’ sound, unearthed for a new generation of metal kids whose last experience with Autopsy was re-runs of Quincy, MD.



England’s Dragonforce is making waves on both sides of the Atlantic, and deservedly so, I say. Not your average Power Metal band, they may have the obligatory ballad and wear bracelets last seen worn by some 80’s hair band, but Jesus H Christ can these guys play. And fast, too – not many Power Metal bands have blast beats or can out-shred some of speed metal’s finest. The first three tracks alone will have you gasping for air, and all you're doing is sitting there listening to the friggin' thing.
Still, you have to feel sorry for vocalist ZP Theart. It must be a bugger to sit around for two-thirds of Dragonforce’s 6-minute plus songs while guitarists Herman Li and Sam Totman masturbate ceaselessly on stage. I mean, what does he do to keep himself occupied? After all, there’s only so much running around slapping hands one can do before he collapses needing CPR. Next time bring a book, pal!



I had a chance to see Skinless support Cryptopsy this year here in Vancouver but sadly didn’t get down to see it. A pity, as I hear they put on an incredible live show, and their new record is as heavy an album you’ll hear all year. Brimming with blast-beats and guttural vocals and laden with spirit-grinding riffs, Trample … surprised many by not sounding like fellow New Yorker’s Suffocation as a great many bands who hail from there seem to.
The theme of this album is war, getting one over on the next chap, and so forth. It’s quite fitting too, as this surely is a soundtrack to beat up your annoying neighbour to. They also do a pretty nifty cover of Black Sabbath’s Wicked World; a fitting end to a blistering album.

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