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PostPosted: Wed Apr 19, 2006 12:08 am    Post subject: Vader - The Art of War EP Reply with quote

Vader – The Art of War (Regain Records)

Poland’s Vader continue their tradition of releasing an EP between albums, and last year’s The Art of War was a welcome addition to their collection. With 7-tracks clocking in under 15-minutes (including a video clip) this little thing is fast and furious, and a vast improvement on 2004’s disappointing The Beast. It also features the drumming debut of ‘Daray’; Vader’s long-standing and much loved drummer ‘Doc’ having passed away last year.
Intro ‘Para Bellum’ slowly seeps into the crisp, tribal drumming of ‘This is the War’; this is typical Vader, with its slow, thumping riff building momentum before the lead riff hits like a tornado and all hell breaks loose. This is one of the fastest tracks Vader have ever recorded, and on an EP of all fast tracks that’s saying something. In fact, I couldn’t help but think of Slayer’s Reign in Blood album, for this EP is pure Slayer worship, period. The solos, of which there are plenty, (‘Lead Us!!!’ for example) are screeching all over the place, and one has to wonder if vocalist/guitarist/main man Piotr 'Peter' Wiwczarek and second guitarist Maurycy 'Mauser' Stefanowicz (to give them their full names) were choking back beers whilst blaring those old Slayer records before entering the studio.
The production is gigantic, crystal clear and computerized. It reminds me of something that Fear Factory would have knocked out a few years ago (though whether this is a good thing or not is debatable). Nevertheless, this is a worthy release from a tried-and-tested band, and bodes well for the next full length, Impressions in Red, due later this year.

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Lead Us!!!
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