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Hatross Overlord

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 28, 2004 12:04 am    Post subject: MASTODON – LEVIATHAN Reply with quote


“Thar she blows!” … something you won’t be saying about the second album from noise merchants Mastodon. This is a fucking great record from a fucking great band – Pitface, you’re rubbing off on me, girl – and once you hear the bombastic opener ‘Blood and Thunder’ you’ll be hooked, line and sinker.
This loosely themed Moby Dick concept album – I dare say the band won’t call this an actual concept album, but it’s overflowing with oceanic images and enough sea-monsters to keep Martin Brody awake at night – needs a couple of listens in order for you to realize just where the band are taking you (probably to the depths of the cold, dark ocean). I mentioned in an earlier post that this release wasn’t as chaotic as their debut record, ‘Remission’. This is certainly true, and they’ve seemed to cast aside their Will Haven (RIP) comparisons for the most part. The songs are still highly technical, but they’ve been reined and controlled instead of letting them rule the band. ‘Megalodon’ comes to mind, this thing is all over the place yet it has body and form instead of an out-of-control machinegun.
I love the jazz-like ‘Naked Burn’, or the in-your-face ‘I am Ahab’. I love the fact that Neil Fallon from Clutch sings on ‘Blood and Thunder’ – “Split your lungs with blood and thunder/When you see the White Whale/Break your backs and crack your oars men/If you wish to prevail” – and I love the fact that Scott Kelly from Neurosis sings on the noisy metalcore ‘Aqua Dementia’, before bursting into something from Neurosis’ ‘Enemy of the Sun’. I love the 13 minute-plus epic ‘Hearts Alive’, and I love the gorgeous booklet that comes with the CD.

Arrrrrrr .... there’s a lot of love to be had with this album, Jim-lad...



On a related topic, for those interested in the prehistoric shark Megalodon – think of a 60-foot Great White – here’s a link where you can read about this immense fish that thankfully is no longer swimming in our waters.

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Who'sGOD Who'sDOG?

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PostPosted: Tue Dec 07, 2004 1:55 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

This is great stuff, in the vein of other Relapse bands, notably Neurosis (which a few years ago took Voivod on the road with them) with a more metallic edge and emphasis on technical abilities.

The raw production clearly spells the fact, that these guys are a killer live band with impressive skills.
Well worth checking out.
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