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PostPosted: Thu May 06, 2004 2:44 pm    Post subject: E-FORCE - EVIL FORCES Reply with quote


When bassist and vocalist Eric Forest was asked to leave Voivod ?cos original singer Snake was returning to the fold, he lost no time in getting together his own band, naming it E-Force and recording an album that made the best of us sit up and take notice.
Coming from several years of recording and touring Voivod's nuclear-heavy 'Negatron' and 'Phobos' albums, it's not surprising that EF is somewhat splashed with dashes of his former band. However, there?s enough musical talent and dedication in this furious foursome (completed by, at time of recording, Bryan Donahue, guitars, Louis Levesque, drums, and Dan Lauzon, guitars) to overlook such obvious influences. 'Satanic Forces', 'Forest of the Impaled', 'Belief', 'Disorder'' there's a major Thrash Metal band here struggling to break free of the (later) Voivod and Slayer clichés, and once they do, E-Force will be a loud, noisy kid on the block.
Watch this space.



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This is what allmusic guide has to say about Evil Forces:

"With a name that sounds like a third-string rapper from the late '80s, and an album cover seemingly heavily influenced by Emerson, Lake and Palmer's Brain Salad Surgery and the covers of hundreds of cheap mass-market sword and sorcery paperbacks, E-Force's debut album doesn't look like it promises much. Underneath that underwhelming exterior, however, Evil Forces is actually one of the best death metal albums of its time. Led by singer and bassist Eric Forrest, who had led cult favorites Voivod during their latter days in the '90s, the Montreal-based trio avoids many of the traps of their death metal brethren ? Forrest actually sings most of the time, largely avoiding the clichéd death-Muppet growl, and the band shifts effortlessly from tight Motöhead-style speed riffing to more open, atmospheric passages and back ? while creating music that's genuinely interesting and exciting to listen to, such as the surprisingly catchy "Satanic Rituals," and the extended instrumental passages in the centerpiece, "Forest of the Impaled." It's still strictly for death metal fans, of course, but Evil Forces isn't bad at all. ? Stewart Mason
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