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PostPosted: Wed Apr 28, 2004 11:52 pm    Post subject: THE CROWN – POSSESSED 13 Reply with quote


Everyone I spoke to who’s heard this album can’t get over how damn good this thing sounds. If you’ve never heard Sweden’s The Crown before think loads and loads of riffs that heralds back to the early days of 90’s Swedish Death Metal, with a slight, cheeky Punk influence jamming with a younger, leaner and drunker Motorhead, and you’re coming very, very close to the blissful sound of The Crown.
Boasting a killer production this, their sixth album, captured many Metal fans’ attention in 2003, and with pummeling tracks such as ‘Cold is the Grave’, ‘Zombiefied!’, ‘Are you Morbid?’ and ‘Kill ‘em All’ (spot the Metal-nods, trivia buffs?) it was no wonder. Solid, well played, memorable songs are the order of the day with The Crown, and with the promise that they’ve just completed re-recording 2002’s ‘Crowned in Terror’ with long-time vocalist Johan Lindstrand (who was absent for that particular album) things were looking very rosy for The Crown and their legion fans.

Or it was until they decided to call it a day. Crap.


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