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PostPosted: Sat Oct 29, 2011 11:15 am    Post subject: Voyager - The Meaning of I (2011) Reply with quote

Sometimes i think that Cheese Theater was the worse thing that ever happened to Prog metal.. because they took the genres invented by Fates Warning and Helloween into the infinite cheesyness of Journey territory.
Believe it or not, i do like Journey. They happened to write some of the catchiest pop-rock tunes ever, but they never had any pretensions of being "prog" or "hard rock" even in their pre-Steve Perry days.

There is nothing worse than "Prog metal" bands cranking out really melodic pop tunes in the guise of "metal" (thanks to the heavy guitars) and "prog" (thank to some keyboards).
The line between cheese and non-cheese land is fine indeed.

Voyager seems to have taken the worse of the prog metal genre and packaged it into one album filled with pop tunes backed by some pseudo-Dream-Theather prog-metal, but without the intricate musicianship interplay and virtuosity.
This is like getting a burger without the meat, or watching a Bruce Lee movie without the fights.

Sure.. one must commend Voyager for the great production, great vocals, and the derivative Petrucci-like guitar playing. I am sure there are plenty of people who love this sort of thing, even I have fallen for Stratovarius's latest album, but having grown up listening to heavier things, when i hear "prog-metal" bands trying to outdo each-other by writing the catchiest tune ever, it reminds me of the painful late 80's days of Poison, Warrant, etc.

Sometimes i feel like someone should take these folks and lock them in a room with a bunch of Gentle Giant and King Crimson albums.
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