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Hatross Overlord

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 29, 2009 4:16 pm    Post subject: WHIPLASH – UNBORN AGAIN Reply with quote


(Pulverised Records)

The Great Thrash Revival exhumes another band from the 80’s, this time New Jersey’s Whiplash. Like many of the 100’s of thrash metal bands who didn’t make it through the 90’s it must be astonishing that today’s metal kids have embraced them so, claiming them as their own. Having been ripped off by greedy record labels, bad management, shitty tours & clubs and virtually no mainstream exposure whatsoever, the immediacy of the internet to let fans hear their music at the touch of button (MySpace, downloading, etc) must be akin to the Second Coming. These 40-something thrashers, with pot-bellies, shaved heads and tattoos, looking nothing like the long-haired, skinny teenagers they once were on the back of their album covers are enjoying another stab at the metal cake, and why the hell not?

Whiplash, formed in 1984 was one of those bands that didn’t exactly make a big splash in the thrash scene, yet ironically, will be forever synonymous with Slayer when drummer Tony Scaglione replaced Dave Lombardo for a few live gigs in 1987. Whiplash’s first two albums, 1985’s Power & Pain and 87’s Ticket to Mayhem are considered thrash metal classics by those in the know. After that, they kinda lost their way, and at this stage thrash metal was relatively ignored due to the growing popularity of death and black metal, not to mention the craze that was grunge. However, Whiplash forged ahead, releasing some sturdy albums in their wake before finally calling it a day in the late 90’s.

Harris Johns, legendary producer who produced some of Germany’s finest took Whiplash under his wing for Unborn Again. And where it may not be a genre defining record or Album of 2009 it’s a solid enough thrash metal release, boasting Whiplash’s trademark guitar sound and main man Tony Portaro’s vocals (the only original member left, btw). Granted, he can’t sing like he could in 1986, but who can these days? The songs are formula-ready thrash numbers, Snuff, Fight or Flight, Float Face Down and Pitbulls in the Playground (the original title for the album) being evident highlights.

A solid enough metal album, though recommended for die-hard fans & thrash enthusiasts only.

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 29, 2009 11:22 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thank you for the review sir!
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