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PostPosted: Fri Nov 21, 2008 4:48 pm    Post subject: BEHEMOTH – EZKATON (EP) Reply with quote


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I wish more bands would release stop-gap EPs; not only does it keep their name up-to-date in the vast, crowded ocean that is the metal underground but it’s good for the avid music collector. Poland’s Behemoth is no slackers in that regard, and as 2008 comes to a close they’ve graced us with Ezkaton, their 6th EP, which sits nicely between 2007’s The Apostasy and next year’s highly anticipated full length.
Chant for Ezkaton 2000 e.v. kicks things off, mid-paced and heavy, boasting Nergal’s hoarse growls and a high-pitched solo which swirls overhead like the Black Eagle the song describes. Qadosh picks up the pace a tad, that familiar hammering instead of drumming evident in buckets here, riffs reminiscent of the thrash bands of old … and then it hit me. Ezkaton is Kreator’s Terrible Certainty from 1987. The similarities are too blatant to over-look, from the samey production, the Millie bark-like vocals, the screeching solos to the crunching riffs; play them back-to-back and you’ll see …
As well as two originals there are two covers – one from Czech Republic’s cvlt Master’s Hammer (Jama Pekel) and a rollicking version of The Ramones (!) I’m not Jesus. There are also a couple of live tracks to balance the metal out, including a live version of the title track.
Though constantly being compared to Nile and Morbid Angel, I do wish the aforementioned giants would record the odd EP in between the lengthy waits for their albums. Heretic, in 2003, for example, was the last release from MA; the Guns ‘n Roses of death metal, anyone? Behemoth proves that stop-gap EP’s can be worthwhile, as Ezkaton is a cracker.

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as i was watching a great Morbid Angel live-at-Wacken-2006 video on my computer, i was wondering the same thing.. when is Morbid Angel going to release the next album? what is taking so long?
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