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Helstar - The King Of Hell (2008)

I remember, many years ago, long before the internet, listening to my favorite weekly metal radio show (the only place to listen to metal, since no radio stations would play anything remotely resembling truly heavy stuff), i heard an interview with a band i've never heard of before.. Helstar.
The band was in town (Babylon, Long Island, NY) because they were on tour at the time.
The metal show host played some songs from Helstar's Burning Star and Remnants of War albums.
Needless to say, i was amazed at the combination of technical playing, the great singing, and heaviness the band displayed at the time..
Looking back, Helstar were truly ahead of their time, because subgenres of metal music most metal fans know about, such as Power metal or prog / tech metal did not exist at the time!

Unfortunately, unlike some of their better known peers, the band was never signed to a major label, and dissappeared from view, changing line-ups and releasing albums that were never as good as Remnants of War.

When i heard that the original Remnants of War line-up had gotten back together and released an album, i know had to get it.
Listening to King of Hell, i can only say this is the best and heaviest album Helstar has released since Remnants of War.
It is as if these guys had never stopped playing together.. the musicianship is tight, and James Rivera's voice can still hit those high notes!

Additionally, the production is crisp and clear (unlike the production of a lot of metal albums recorded on a budget back in the day)

If you are a fan of old school metal, this album is a must get.
I truly hope the band keeps on playing and releasing albums from now on.
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