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PostPosted: Wed Jun 04, 2008 6:32 am    Post subject: DISMEMBER DISMEMBER Reply with quote


(Regain Records)

Im in love with the idea of Dismember. That is, I love the idea of a grinding, full on charged death metal band from Sweden which leaves me sweating each and every time I listen to their album. For the most part, Dismember fits this bill, and in spades. The rousing Death Conquerors All kicks things off and its away we go, that famed Swedish sound blasting all over the place, the snarling vocals of Matti Karki as rabid as an angry pit-bull who just had its tail pulled one too many times by a snot-nosed wee scamp. Europa Burns is the same, as subtle as a Tiger tank, and then things turn Indie. Ive always maintained that Dismember are the Iron Maiden of Swedish death metal, twin guitars, lead vocalist, and as reliable as rain on a bank holiday weekend. Then they had to go and prove it. After a ferocious start the melodic outro on Under a Bloodred Sky (no, not the U2 version) is frankly embarrassing, forcing the listener to pick up said CD and question who was playing on the stereo. To these ears its unnecessary and totally out of character compare this to the incredibly noisy outro of Combat Fatigue; black and white, man.

We should be grateful that bands of Dismember's calibre are sill going strong despite the growing popularity of metal and the temptation to sell out (In Flames & Children of Bodom come to mind). However, barring that one little glitch on Under a Bloodred Sky - seriously, its fucking awful this is a solid, assertive death metal album from one of genres most respected bands.

Live version of Under a Bloodred Sky:

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