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(Century Media)

Perhaps the most anticipated album of 2006 (and yes, that includes the disappointing Dave Lombardo-armed Slayer record) Celtic Frost surprised everyone with the comeback album ever, period. Tom Fischer and Martian Ain produced an album of such heaviness and diversity that destroyed any and all pretenders to their throne. Monotheist was such a shock to the system that it had many metal fans crying ‘Album of the year!’ way back in the summer. What’s scary about this album, when listening to such contorting, blasphemous tracks as Ground and the classic Dying God … is that Celtic Frost has promised that their next album will be heavier!
Gulp, indeed.



‘Hardest-working band’ award must surely go to Poland’s Vader, who released this mature and top-notch metal album to world acclaim. Building on last year’s take-no-prisoners Art of War EP Vader once more stepped up to the plate and delivered an album of Slayer-esque tunes which had fans of their sophomore record De Profundis grinning from ear-to-ear. This album is fast, folks, without losing any of the sound or power of the band within the mix, something which the aforementioned Slayer lost along their way.
Yes, I'm ribbing Slayer once more, as it’s difficult not to compare the two bands. The difference being, of course, is that in 2006 Slayer sound jaded and bored, where Vader are brimming with enthusiasm and energy.
Long may they reign.


(Southern Lord)

“This is Satanic Black Metal!” spits vocalist Trondr Nefas before a barrage of … Satanic Black Metal booms from your speakers. I’ve been listening to a lot of Black Metal lately, especially the Punky BM played with two-fingers raised on a spiked armband by such bold boys as Carpathian Forest and Dark Throne. Ureghal are from Norway, are signed to sludge/doom label Southern Lord and are as noisy and catchy as a nursery rhyme-singing elephant wearing medieval armor. This is great stuff, it must be said, harking back to the spirit of early Venom and Bathory with zero symphonic-added accessories.
Horns raised, and a name to watch.

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