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American Head Charge - The Feeding (2005)

Four years is an eternity musically speaking.
In four years bands come and go, old musical subgenres are outdated and new ones created.
It took four long years for American Head Charge to come up with a follow-up to their intense industrial-metal debut The War of Art.
In The Feeding the band has updated their sound to keep up with the changing musical environment, namely the demise of nu-metal and the ascendance of metalcore, toning down their industrial leanings, but still keeping the level of intensity.

Singer Martin Cock still sings, shouts and whispers sounding like the lovechild of Mike Patton, Al Jourgensen and even (gasp!) Marilyn Manson and Jonathan Davis, sometimes all within the same song! This guy can surely sing!

Things start with Loyalty, the album's outstanding opener, followed by Pledge Allegiance, a wonderful Bush mocking ditty complete with "YEEHAWs". Next is the rocking Dirty and then the Korn-ish Ridicule featuring opening and closing 12-string and acoustic guitars.
Take What I've Taken is a slow an intense number, followed by one of my favorite tracks in the album: Leave me Alone

The rest of the album offers great songs, always threading the fine line of balancing melodicism and sheer metallic brutality, featuring different tempos, moods and instrumentation.

This is a great album, filled with very heavy guitars and intense screaming and shouting, but the inventive songwriting and production always keep things interesting, if not exciting.

The Feeding is a welcome breath of fresh air from all the boring and mediocre metalcore being pumped out by the truckload by all the record labels in 2005.
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