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Fear Factory - Transgression (2005)

Anyone who has ever visited the forum long enough knows that i am a big Fear Factory fan, starting way back in 1992 when they released the groundbreaking Soul of a New Machine.

Fear Factory are not well known for writing radio friendly catchy tunes or for being played on the radio.. they are their best when they meld their brutal death and grindcore influences with industrial rhythms and mixed vocals.

Just like Fear Factory found their way back in 2004's inspired return Archetype they have lost it again with Transgression, a record that sounds like the band hurried into the studio to record a bunch of Archetype leftover songs and added a few cover tunes (like the embarrasing U2 song I will Folllow) and some horrid attempts at radio airplay like Supernova to complete an album.

I understand the band wants to "experiment" and do different things.. but if you are going to do that, please do something interesting... otherwise stick to what you do best.

Experimental in my ears is the track LifeBlind off Soul of a New Machine , the first grindcore song played in 7/8s i've ever heard, not some lame cover song from one of the cheesiest bands to (dis)grace the planet: U2

This album is not bad, overall it is still head and shoulders above most of the metalcore being cranked out by the truckload nowadays, the problem is that after Archetype, i had very high expectations for Transgression...

There are some great moments on Transgression, like the opener 540, 000 Fahrenheit, the melodic Contagion and the closing songs Moment of Impact and Empire, unfortunately the rest is just not up to par with Archetype and it just sounds like uninteresting filler in this dissapointing follow-up
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