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PostPosted: Thu Jan 20, 2005 12:54 am    Post subject: FACES OF BLACK - s/t Reply with quote


The press kit that came with this CD states that Faces of Black has a sound that is ‘chock full of groove’, and is ‘HEAVY’ and ‘BIG’. Understatement of the year, folks. FoB sound immense - think the bastard son of Kyuss and Motorhead - listening to this will undoubtedly lift those cold, dark January blues.

Hailing from Victoria, British Columbia, FoB is a trio fronted by one Christine Apro, she who thumps a bass like she has a grudge against it, sings like an angel and wails like a Banshee. Proof, like it’s needed, that girls can and do indeed ROCK. The other members of the band, Norm Apro on lead guitar and Adam Hancock on drums thrash these stompers out like there’s no tomorrow – this is a self-financed demo, I can only imagine their true potential waiting to be unleashed with the right people behind them.
Of the 8-tracks on offer, opener ‘Thorn in my side’ is reminiscent of 70’s Rock with dashes of Soundgarden thrown in for good measure. ‘Bashed’ has a gargantuan riff that simply crushes all in its path, ‘Log jam’ is catchy enough to tap the feet of the crippled (too much?) and ‘Glutton’ is not so much sung as snarled.

FoB is slowly making a name for themselves on the live circuit, and I can bet that it is this environment where their immense (that word again) sound reigns supreme and will attract the attention they deserve. Until then, you could do a lot worse than check these two fellows and gal out now.



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