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Those disappointed with 2004’s comeback album Souls to Deny had no such fears with this monstrous release from the Kings of Death Metal. Suffocation, the band’s fifth studio album literally swept all others away this year (with the exception of, in this reviewer’s opinion, Krisiun’s AssassiNation). The moment the bombastic opener Abomination Reborn bellows forth from your speakers you are left in no doubt why this NY band are pioneers and revered within the scene. Not to mention touring with the likes of Fear Factory and Shadow’s Fall, Suffocation have taken it upon themselves to bring real metal to those whose idea of 'extreme' is Extreme Makeover on TV.
Bow down and worship, bitches!



If ever there was a band that ‘got’ what the original concept of Hellhammer and Celtic Frost was and ran with it, it was France’s Blut Aus Nord. This is a frighteningly dark, mysterious and downright terrifying listening experience from one of the more avant-garde, off-the-wall Black Metal bands lurking out there today. Certainly not a play-everyday album, this has been called a ‘bad trip’ record, and it’s easy to see/hear why. ‘Songs’ are claustrophobic, choking affairs, with eerie sound-effects and haunting vocals gurgling from gloomy cellars.
I dare you to get high and put this on …



My not-so-secret love for operatic/symphonic bands is spearheaded by the amazing Leaves’ Eyes, who followed 2005’s colossal Vinland Saga with this 6-song MCD of Viking anthems and tales of glory. Though the music is a lighter Nightwish, with gruff vocals added to the mix, it is vocalist Liv Kristine who attracts the interest here. She has an angelic voice which is incredibly seductive; it proves difficult not to be mesmerized with her, especially on track 3, Viking's Word. Not to go all mushy on you, but her voice is simply gorgeous.
Everyone has a favourite singer where they could sit and listen to them sing the phone book all day - she's mine.

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