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PostPosted: Tue Mar 01, 2005 12:16 am    Post subject: BLACK COBRA - s/t Reply with quote


Short, sharp and to the quick, one bite from this baby (though the Black-necked Cobra spits its venom rather than biting) is enough to send you reeling into madness. The band Black Cobra plays an addictive, C.O.C./Crowbar influenced groove metal meets hardcore, and it’s pretty damn sweet.
‘Interceptor’ kicks things off with a monstrous riff that could have mosh-pits the world over leaping in unison before suddenly going doom ala Trouble. ‘Fall and Fall Again’ is short and to the point, whilst ‘Silverblack’ twists and coils like the reptile of the band’s name, fangs bared, a venomous riff crawling beneath on its scaled underbelly.
My one gripe is that at just three songs the demo way too short. However, if its purpose was to whet my appetite for more from these fellows then it has more than done its job.

Evil or Very Mad


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