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Jean-Ives Theriault

Bass (1983-1991) (2008-2014)

Jean-Yves appears in the following Voivod albums: War and Pain, Rrroooaaarrrr!, Killing Technology, Dimension Hatross, Nothingface, Angel Rat, Target Earth

Jean Yves wrote most of the early band’s music with Denis D’Amour, and his great basswork can be heard in albums such as Nothingface.

Jean Yves left the band  in 1991 for personal reasons, and went on to co-found The Holy Body Tattoo Dance Society, a now-defunct award-winning Canadian contemporary dance company, which existed from 1992 to 1999. He composed, produced and engineered the scores for “White Riot”“L’Orage”“Poetry & Apocalypse”, and “Our Brief Eternity”.
After residing in Vancouver for many years he moved back to Quebec in 2001.